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2 min read · March 17, 2023

Supercharge Community Nursing with Ally Health

The Ally Health Solution

Popular digital technology solutions are not adequately supporting community nurse teams – Ally Health’s platform could supercharge community nursing!

The Queen’s Nursing Institute has published the results of a new survey of digital technology in community nursing (The ‘Nursing in the Digital Age’ report, 2023) which is based on an online survey completed by almost 1200 practitioners in 2022.

The survey shows that digital technology is being used for a variety of different tasks and work, but that the nurses using the platforms feel that they are not saving them time or, helping them practice in a more efficient way.

What were the main problems outlined in the survey?

     – Issues with connectivity

     – Lack of compatibility with computer systems

     – Poor user experience causes misuse or difficulty of use of platforms

What is Ally Health doing about this?

With the appetite the workforce (our customers) have for new technology – along with the potential that new applications have to solve some of the biggest issues in community care – Ally Health has:

– Built our scheduling tool in a manner that is consistent with the nursing process and the patient’s need at the core of everything.

– We kept our clinical staff involved in the design and development process while ensuring that they are constantly giving feedback on how we can refine and continue to develop the platform to best suit their everyday work.

The Ally Health Solution

Get in touch with us to learn more about how you can work for Ally Health or use our solution to supercharge your community based care service.

The ‘Nursing in the Digital Age’ report (2023)