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< 1 min read · August 23, 2023

Intramuscular Injection Aftercare

What to expect with your injection

You have been prescribed medication which requires administration via intramuscular injection. This means a registered nurse from Ally Health will identify an appropriate site, use a disinfectant wipe to sterilise the area, and place a needle into the muscle.

Some medications are best given in the arm (such as the flu vaccine). Others are administered to the buttocks (such as hormone injections) or the thigh (such as adrenaline).

Notify your practitioner of any known allergies or needle phobia before your injection.

What to expect after the procedure

Common and self-limiting symptoms following any injection are:

  • º Mild pain or discomfort to the site
  • º A small amount of localised bruising or swelling
  • º A small amount of localised redness
  • º A small amount of bleeding which is stemmed easily with light pressure

Ally Health takes pride in providing high-quality at-home care, however our service does not provide medical advice. 

Contact your regular healthcare provider if the following develop following your injection:

  • º Fever, sneezing or coughing
  • º There is a lump or swelling that does not go away

Seek immediate care by calling 999 and attending the emergency department if the following occur following administration of the injection:

  • º Generalised rash or itching
  • º Shortness of breath
  • º The mouth, lips, or face swells after the injection is given.