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2 min read · November 23, 2022

The ‘making of’ story

Towards a future of decentralised health

At Ally Health, we believe the future of healthcare is decentralised. Currently, our healthcare systems are overburdened, critical diagnoses are missed due to patient backlogs and digital GP consultations only scratch the surface of the issue.

With 70% of medical decisions rooted in laboratory investigations, improving accessibility to diagnostics seems an obvious place to start in order to pave the way towards decentralised health.

With that in mind, the Ally team is setting out to reinvent patient pathways by introducing remote diagnostics, shifting the burden away from overworked clinics with lengthy waiting times and introducing convenience and speed to the patient. Whether for frequent chronic condition monitoring or new diagnosis, our infrastructure enables patients to easily fulfil their healthcare needs, at home or in a network of local Ally-powered clinics.

The Ally Toolkit

Ally Health has created a turnkey solution to enable healthcare providers and insurers to embed remote diagnostics in their existing pathways. Our infrastructure has been battle-tested through Covid, having powered c. 1m tests during the pandemic via our sister company, Testing For All.

We have established an unrivalled ecosystem of partner labs, medical manufacturers and built the most robust and versatile test management system in the industry. Coupled together and underpinned by our award-winning customer support function, our toolkit has the potential to disrupt and pave the way toward truly hybrid patient pathways.

Finally, we have focused on enabling a wide variety of sampling modalities and a broad test menu in order to create the most impactful solution in this space. We can power patient-led self-sampling or alternatively, deploy our own mobile phlebotomy team to support assisted sampling at home or in Ally-powered clinics.

We are excited for the opportunities that lie ahead, the partnerships to be created and most importantly, the lives to be improved on the journey towards better health outcomes.

Watch this space for more updates, case studies and deep dives into our toolkit!

Stay healthy,

The Ally Team

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